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The connection using SSH is not available in the Community Edition of Mongo Management Studio.

The connection using SSH is available in version 1.1.0 or higher.

To create a new connection to a mongo database using SSH you open the window with all connections by clicking the "Connect" button. Here you click "New connection" and you will see the following prompt:


A self-chosen name for the connection

Server connection

A valid MongoDB connection string ( Please enter the connection string as if the MongoDB server would be reachable without SSH. The input fields for SSH will follow later on.

Login database

Only required with activated MongoDB authentication. Determines against which database should be authenticated. Default is „admin“.

Destination database

Only required with activated MongoDB authentication. Determines to which database should be connected . With disabled MongoDB authentication, all databases are always displayed.

Connection over SSH

Shows the SSH configurations when activated.

SSH Server

Address of the destination SSH server (IP or hostname).

SSH port

SSH port on the destination server. The input is optional. Default is 22.

Local port

The local port which is used for the SSH tunnel. The input is optional. The default value is computed by the system. But in case the computed port is already in use, you will get an error message. Then you can enter a different, not in use port here.

SSH username

The name of the SSH user in the destination server.

SSH password

The SSH password.

Private SSH key

The absolute path to the private SSH key file.

SSH key file password

The password of the private SSH key file.

Default connection

Tags this connection as default. On each applications' start it is automatically connected to this connection. Can only be selected for one connection.


The color of the server icon, for better differentiating tabs.


After entering the data you can click "Save and connect". The connection using SSH will be established. When you hover over the name of the connection in the left navigation you will see the connection string used by the system.

Disconnect the SSH connection

There is a button "Close all SSH connections" in the list with all connections. It will close all SSH connections. This also happens when exiting the app. Usually it is not necessary to close the SSH connections manually. It is only required after editing the settings of an existing SSH connection.