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Mongo shell commands can be executed in console modeThe inputs are directly forwarded to the native mongo shell and are not formatted or modified by the application.

This is a new feature since version 1.2.0! The former console mode (C) is now moved to server side script mode (S).

Here you will find the documentation of the Mongo shell commands:

// Returns all documents
// Returns all cities name and sorted by them
db.zipcode.find({}, {city: 1}).sort({city: 1})
// Create a new zipcode document
db.zipcode.insert({_id: '99999', city: 'LEIPZIG', pop: 520838, state: 'SN'})
// Analyze the find-query
// Show the statistics of the collection

There is no pager in server side script mode. Just as in the mongo shell, there are only 10 records returned. When you type "it", the next 10 records are loaded.


If you open a shell for a collection which requires authentication you have to authenticate again in the shell. Use the following commands.

// switch to current database
use my_database
// authenticate
db.auth('username', 'password')