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  • Editing a GridFS-document
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The editing feature of GridFS documents is not available in the Community Edition of Mongo Management Studio.

There are 4 options available to edit an existing GridFS collection, as is seen in the following detail view of a document in the list view:

Deleting the document

Click on the recycle bin icon to delete the GridFS document with the corresponding file from the MongoDB server instance after confirming the security query.


Here, the fields of documents can be edited. It is recommended not to change the existing fields, except for filename and contentType. If you want to store additional information in a document, you can store them in the metadata field.

You should never change the _id field, otherwise the reference to the chunks collection is lost and the file can not be loaded anymore.

Uploading a file

By clicking the "Upload file" buttona popup opens. Here you can replace the file stored in the document. Selection of the file again takes place via drag and drop or by using the "select file" button. As soon as you click "Save", the current file of the document is replaced with the new one.

Downloading a file

Click on the download icon to download the file that is stored in the GridFS document.