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Mongo Management Studio allows you to export a collection either in JSON format or in CSV format. If you use the context menu in the navigation, the export will always use the JSON format. Using this file the included data can be imported into other collections using Mongo Management Studio or "mongoimport". I you open a collection and use the Button "Collection" -> "Export", a dialog with several options is opened.


  • With the first option selected all documents will be exported which match the query entered in the search input field. This option ignores the current paging
  • The second option allows to export the current view (search query + paging options)
  • The third option exports all documents of the collection


Additionally you can choose the export format. JSON is just the mongoimport compatible JSON representation of the documents. CSV is a flat column representation of the documents. When choosing CSV there are several options you can set.


  • Delimiter: The delimiter between the columns. The default value is ,
  • Delimiter for Array values: The delimiter between the items of an array within a column. The default value is ;
  • Value for empty fields: The value which is used to output an empty. The default value is an empty string. This could often happen when the documents have different schemas
  • Sort the cvs header: When checked, the header of the CSV file will be sorted alphabetically


The CSV export is not part of the Community Edition of Mongo Management Studio.