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The server version of Mongo Management Studio includes an authentication mechanism by default. The users have to register themself on the system and are then unlocked by the administrator. This login  refers alone to the use of the application. It is independent of the authentification to the MongoDB databases.

The authentication and the rights system of the application can be disabled in the config.js file. So every user can have access to the application without authentication, if he knows the URL of the application.

There is no registration mechanism in the community/professional edition of Mongo Management Studio.

The management of the users of the Mongo database is described in this section.


The login popup opens by clicking onto the "Login" button. If the user is already registered, the user name and password is sufficient. With ENTER the input is confirmed.

You can also modify the config.js file to enable an upstream login page.


To create a new user, you can reach a form by using the "Register" link at the buttom of the login-popup. Fill in the necessary info to the required fields and then sign up with the button "Register". The user receives an E-Mail, containing a confirmation link, to the specified E-Mail address. When this link is visited, the user gets activated in the application.

A user created in this way does not have any privileges at the time of creation. They have to be assigned by an administrator first.

Properly configure your email needs in config.js's mail section to let the emailing work correctly.

You can find more detailed information about the administrative level user management at Mongo Management Studio user in the User Management section.

By clicking the "Login" button in the register-form you will directly be forwarded to a login screen with the same functionality as the original login screen.

Forgot password

In the login form is a "Forgot password" link. After specifying the user name and e-mail address, a new password will be generated and sent to the registered e-mail address of the user.

Forgot username

In login form is a link "Forgot username". After specifying the e-mail address, the user name is sent to the email address of the registered user.