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As system administratoryou have access to the administration area of Mongo Management Studio by clicking on "Administration" in the top menu bar. Here you have access to the rights system of the application. All groups, rights, rolesand users are shown. Get back to Mongo Management Studio by clicking on the "Home" link "Home" on the left hand navigation bar.


Groups are an accumulation of users. You can assign roles to a group. Each user can be in one or more groups. After the installation of Mongo Management Studio there are no groups yet.


A list of all available rights in the application.


A role is a list of rights. There are three system roles (Admin, Guest and User) to where individual rights can be assigned and removed. In addition, the role "UserWithAccess" is created during installation. This role contains all rights a user needs to use the application. It should not be deleted under any circumstances.


A list of all users of the application. By defaultthere's always a "guest" user. You can edit the users and change their rights, rolesand groups. You can also set a user to inactive or completely delete him from the application.

Add user

Users register themselves in the application

The users have register themselves in the application. The procedure is described here: Login. However, they do have no rights in the application after a successful registration, until the system administrator assigns the "UsersWithAccess" role to the user.

Users are created by the system administrator

The system administrator navigates to the administration area and opens the overview of the users. Open the "Create user" form by clicking on the "+" icon and fill out all fields. It is important to assign the "UserWithAccess" role to the user and to set the user active. Alternativly assign the rights individually by hand. After saving the user is created.


It is recommended that a user changes his password after the first successful login.