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With this function you are able to save, manage or copy previously entered queries in the active tab. The corresponding buttons are shown on the top right side of the queryfield.


Simply save clicking on the "Save current query" button. To better manage lots of queries, you can optianlly give them names in the popping up window.


With a click on "Load queries", you get to the management part of the saved queries section.

This section is devided into two parts. The first "Current Tab" lists the saved queries of the actually active tab, second "All connections" lists all saved queries of the currently logged in user.

A subdivision Inside each part shows the saved queries by the chosen query mode (F, A, C). 

If saved queries exist inside the F, A or C subdivisions, the buttons are colour-coded.

You can sort the shown queries by clicking on "Name" or "Query" in the header of the table.

Current Tab

In this view you ca delete or edit or the listed queries or, with a click on the query itself, copy it to the query input field. Change between the different query modes by clicking the F, A, C buttons.

Switch between the three different query modes to view all of your queries.

By selecting a query, the window is closed and the application switches to the chosen mode, copying the query directly into the query input field.

All connections

In this view all saved queries of a user are shown, sorted by the corresponding database connection. The database connections are presented in a tree view and can be expanded.

The following functions are available:

Remove connection

Deletes the complete connection with all of it's saved queries.

Edit connection

The connection data can be changed here. Use the following format: ([username:password@]host1[:port1][,host2[:port2],...[,hostN[:portN]]]/DB.collection) and should be unique.

Detailed view of saved queries

When expanding the view you see all saved queries of that connection and the chosen query mode.

Remove single saved query

Delete single saved queries by clicking on the corresponding button.

Edit a saved query

Edit the different data in the input fields of a query by clicking the "edit" button.

Use a saved query

When you are not in the edit query mode, simply click on the name of a saved query to copy it to the query input field and change to the chosen query mode automatically. The saved query management window is closed automatically, too.



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