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The Mongo Management Studio provides the ability to set various defaults. These settings apply to the current user and are stored permanently. You can access the settings by clicking the gear icon next to the "Connect" button.


The localization of the application.

Default view for found documents

The default view for displaying found documents.

Color themes

Set the color themes for the query-entry screens.

Secure save (with $set)

With this option enabled, $set is used in each update of documents. This prevents accidental overwriting of a document.

This option can also be changed with every update. It is useful if you want to delete properties from a document where $set has to be disabled otherwise.

JSON schema validation

Enabling thisa validation against the existing schema is performed at each insert and update of documents. (The schema )

Delete unknown properties when validating

If this option and the JSON schema validation option are enabled, all non-defined properties will be deleted from the document during the validation.


Enables/disables the autocompletion in aggregation framework queries and Console Mode (C)

Default page size

Determines how many documents are displayed per page. If nothing is specified, the default value is 50.

Default MongoDB port

Used as port to the MongoDB database instance when just specifying the host name to connect. Default value: 27017