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Each document can be edited individually by clicking on the appropriate "Edit" icon. The editing of the document takes occurs in text mode. There are several options for saving that are displayed by clicking on the link "Save options". These options can be set globally in the application settings, but you might override them in every single saving-operation. The options are described in more detail here: Settings

Special formattings


If the data type of a field is a MongoDB ObjectId, it is necessary to format it to the following syntax:

// einfache Anführungszeichen
_id: ObjectId('53db515f01a0d82015000001')
// doppelte Anführungszeichen
_id: ObjectId("53db515f01a0d82015000001")

Date values

Date values are similar to the specified ObjectIds in a specific format:

// UTC Format
start: ISODate('2013-01-30T00:00:00.000Z')
// date string
start: ISODate('dec 11, 1989')
start: ISODate('1989, 12, 11')
start: ISODate('1989, 12, 11, 9, 12, 34')
// timestamp
start: ISODate('629379488000')

Double or single quotation marks are allowed here.

JavaScript works in milliseconds, UNIX timestamps must be multiplied by 1000 to be correctly converted or displayed.