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Mongo   Management   Studio   is  the  best   way   to   work  with   MongoDB   on a simple   manner . The slim and elegant graphical interface can effectively perform the typical MongoDB commands without having to use the Mongo shell command line. There are three different versions of Mongo Management Studio.

Community Edition

The Community edition offers basic functionality and is free to use. It is easily installed using the setup routine without the need of any furthur software dependencies.

Professional Edition

The Professional edition is aimed primarily at developers and offers additional functionality. It is easily installed via setup routine and requires no additional software dependencies, too.

Educational Edition

The Educational edition is the same as the Professional Edition, but it can only be used by students or schoolboys/schoolgirls.

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise edition is intended for production use environments in which databases are not directly accessible via the Internet. It is a node.js web application that can be installed on a server without a graphical user interface. Access   to   the   application is   controlled   by   a   rights   system .


FeatureCommunityProfessional / EducationalEnterprise

Simple Queries

MongoDB 2.4 / 2.6 / 3.0 compatible

CRUD Operations
Replica-Set Support
UI Index Management
Export/ Import
MongoDB Authentication
Detailed Documentation
GridFS Supportread only
SSL Connections
SSH Connections
Save Queries
Commercial Support
MongoDB User Management
Aggregation Framework Queries

JSON Schema Validation

Mobile Ready
Application User Management

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