In the following you get a short introduction to the Mongo Management Studio and will become familiar with the most important functions. The professional edition serves as the basis. In addition, we assume that you have access to a Mongo database. We use the zipcode collection as a template for our examples.



Switch language to english


Create a demo database

Import the zipcode collection

Querying data

city: 'CHESTER'

Edit a document

Create a document

{city: 'Demo123city',pop: 999}

Querying with regex

city: /123/

Deleting a document

Querying with aggregation framework (not available in the Community Edition)

	$group: {
		_id : "$state",
    	totalPop : { $sum : "$pop" } 
	$match: {
		totalPop : { $gte : 10000000 } 

Querying via console mode


Copy a collection